90 seconds__I’ve used ‘strategist’, or ‘consultant’, or ‘Client Director’ but in short my strength is to collect, think, and derive real insights and opportunities. Secondly, it’s about being able to relate to each client's needs, building better relationships by seemingly putting them first. Client needs are increasingly sophisticated and complex. My experience both agency and client-side means that I can quickly and effectively make sense of, and help agencies and clients have better quality commercial relationships. I’ve delivered global brand identities, flagship marketing and thought leadership campaigns, major sponsorships, and award-winning brand experiences. I am a strong communicator and coordinator of resources with a broad knowledge of channels, and an ability to bring coherence and cohesion to complex, multi-disciplinary projects.

I am a would-be futurist with a desire to collaborate with progressive thinkers and deliverers, in what is a genuinely exciting time for brands. Mail me at cameron@andwebb.co.uk or call me on +44 (0)7785 222482